Medical Marijuana Treatment for Glaucoma

July 8, 2011

glaucoma and medical marijuanaAny ocular disease that will cause characteristic optic neuropathy or optic nerve damage which may result in progressive visual field loss and it can be associated with either normal or abnormal intraocular pressure. Abnormal intraocular pressure can be high or low Glaucoma is considered as the second leading cause of blindness in the United States. In most of cases it will cause gradual painless loss of vision without the notice of the patient until the disease is advanced. It is a group of diseases which lead to optic nerve damage and result in decrease in vision and constriction of visual field. The damage is irreversible. However, studies have been conducted and although medical marijuana cannot cure Glaucoma it sure can help. Read further to find out more about how Medical marijuana is helping New York resident live a healthier lifestyle.

Medical Marijuana Treats Glaucoma Patient in New York

Marijuana and THC have been shown to reduce IOP by an average of 24% in people with normal IOP who have visual-field changes. In a number of studies of healthy adults and glaucoma patients, IOP was reduced by an average of 25% after smoking a marijuana cigarette that contained approximately 2% THC–a reduction as good as that observed with most other medications available today. Similar responses have been observed when marijuana was eaten or THC was given in pill form (10—40 mg) to healthy adults or glaucoma patients. But the effect lasts only about three to four hours. Elevated IOP is a chronic condition and must be controlled continuously.

The normal intraocular pressure (I.O.P) ranges between 10 -20 mmHg. It occurs when intraocular pressure increases above 20 mmHg. IOP above 21 mmHg will raise the suspicion and further investigations should be done.

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